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Project Description
If you're a Dynamics CRM developer or administrator and occasionally find yourself looking through CRM-related log files, this app will save you time and help you troubleshoot issues.

Link Buddy for Dynamics CRM is a Windows (WPF) app that translates one or more CRM entity record GUIDs into CRM "addressable" form hyperlinks. It's useful for converting logging/tracing details from CRM plug-ins, custom apps, etc. into click-able links that open the CRM record for which the GUID represents.

This application...

  • Connects to CRM Online or On-premises
  • Queries a CRM organization for each provided GUID and, where a record match is found, generates a hyperlink that opens the default form for the entity record
  • After processing all GUIDs in the input text, displays an HTML file in IE to allow you to quickly load CRM forms
  • Keeps track of the entities for which GUIDs are most often found and uses this information to run queries against the most common entities first


In the image below, the screen on the left shows Link Buddy with typical logging/tracing details. The screen on the right shows the results of clicking the Generate Hyperlinks button; each of the GUIDs in the original log text have been replaced with a hyperlink to the corresponding record in the CRM organization. The hyperlink shows the entity type and the primary name of the record.

Link Buddy Example

Usage Tips

  • Link Buddy gets faster as you use it. It keeps track of the entities that yield the most GUID matches in your logging/tracing data so that it can search those entities first. An XML file is created for each CRM org you connect to; the XML file is stored in the same folder as the executable.
  • It is recommended that you limit the number of non-CRM GUIDs in the provided logging/tracing text. The application will query most entity types in CRM so providing GUIDs that are not related to CRM records will slow down the overall matching process.

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